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Job Readiness Training

Job Readiness

Job readiness training is skill training that is given on the job, either prior to starting a new job, or to brush up on skills for a job one already has. This type of training allows employees to feel confident when starting a new job, as well as helps to prevent any potential costly or dangerous mistakes.

Job Readiness Training is run by Rising Star Services. We are an organization specializing in assisting individuals in finding and maintaining meaningful employment. The role of Rising Star Services is to assist individuals with preparation entering the work force, re-entering the work force, or helping you transition into a different career path.

This curriculum has been designed to prepare you to be able to compete with other applicants in today's job market. We will focus on the areas of:

  • Why You Should Look For Employment
  • Identifying Your Career Path
  • Setting and Reaching Your Goals
  • Creating A Master Application
  • Developing A Professional Resume Package
  • Developing Your Job Search Skills
  • Overcoming Barriers
  • Self Esteem
  • Personal Presentation
  • Develop Interview Techniques
  • What You Should Know When You Start Your New Job